What Is Play Therapy And Will It Work On Your Child?


Child play therapy is one of several approachable therapy styles that can work on children who suffer from both mental health and physical problems. Learn what play therapy is and how it can benefit your young one. One of the ways to best benefit your child is to be present when they are in any type of therapy session where parent involvement can benefit a therapy. This can include occupational and speech therapy and play therapy as well.

8 September 2022

Vestibular Rehabilitation: What You Need To Know


If you feel your head spinning, have feelings of lightheadedness, or are unsteady, you may be suffering from vertigo. These feelings can be debilitating. Vertigo is an inner ear and brain condition that impacts your balance. This part of the body is referred to as the vestibular system. If the inner ear and brain do not work together, you may deal with imbalance, dizziness, headaches, and be more susceptible to falls.

14 July 2022

Key Reasons To Get Prompt Workers Comp Medical Care After An Accident


An on-the-job accident can leave you with significant and painful injuries. Simple rest and relaxation at home may not be enough to heal you. You might need to seek out professional medical treatment for the damages you've suffered. However, it can be vital that you seek help for your injuries sooner rather than later. You can benefit from getting the workers comp medical treatment you need as soon as possible after your accident.

26 May 2022

How To Reduce Your Chances Of Failing A Drug Test


If you've been told to take a drug test for your work or sport or to qualify for workers' compensation payments, you'll want to do everything possible ahead of time to increase your chances of passing. By preparing in advance, you might avoid a false-positive result that could stand in the way of future opportunities. Here are a few precautions that you should take prior to drug testing so that you can hopefully achieve the best outcome.

22 March 2022

Women's Healthcare During Menopause


Menopause refers to when women stop having their monthly menstrual periods. It can occur naturally, or it may be surgically induced as a result of a hysterectomy. Surgically-induced menopause often produces more severe menopausal symptoms than natural menopause, which often produces gradual symptoms over a number of years. Menopause causes changes in the body and can cause unpleasant symptoms, and because of this, the following women's healthcare interventions are often recommended.

28 December 2021

5 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Mental Health


If the ongoing pandemic has added stress to your daily life, read on for some mental health tips.  1. Take Some "Me Time" First, it is essential to have some "me time." If you are working remotely from home or your social activities are still restricted, it can be tough to find some time for yourself. However, it is still important to carve out a few minutes each day for some me-time.

18 October 2021

Standard Tests To Expect When You Visit A Urology Center


The anatomical makeup of your body demands that you visit a specialist once in a while to ensure you are healthy. As you schedule your regular doctor visit, you should also remember to schedule a visit to a urologist. Your body's urinary system is prone to infections from various sources. Suffering from urological conditions can significantly affect your lifestyle since they are generally a painful experience.  A urologist will examine your urinary tract for any diseases or infections and give a proper diagnosis plus treatment.

4 August 2021

Tips For Talking To Your Doctor About POTS Syndrome


POTS Syndrome, or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, is a complex disorder that can be tough to diagnose. Every patient's symptoms are a bit different, and every case responds a bit differently to various treatments. As such, the process of getting diagnosed and treated for POTS can require several visits to the doctor and a lot of ongoing dialogue. What can you do to simplify the process and make your discussions with your doctor more productive?

25 March 2021

Congenital Heart Defect Myths


Your heart is a critical organ, and this makes it important for individuals to make sure they are taking steps to protect the overall health of their heart. In particular, these people will need to recognize some of the misinformation that could have been circulating about congenital heart defects. Myth: A Person That Has A Congenital Heart Defect Will Live A Very Limited Life One assumption that people will have about congenital heart defects is that a person will have to live a very limited life.

11 January 2021

Pain Management and Torn Groin Injuries


A torn groin is an injury commonly associated with athletes, but anybody can accidentally strain a muscle and experience the pain that comes with a torn groin. If you have experienced a groin injury, you may turn to pain management solutions to help you through the days of recovery. These are some of the things you need to know about a torn groin injury and how you can receive the pain management tools you need.

17 November 2020