What Is Play Therapy And Will It Work On Your Child?


Child play therapy is one of several approachable therapy styles that can work on children who suffer from both mental health and physical problems. Learn what play therapy is and how it can benefit your young one. One of the ways to best benefit your child is to be present when they are in any type of therapy session where parent involvement can benefit a therapy. This can include occupational and speech therapy and play therapy as well. Since play therapy is often used in counseling, you may be limited in actual patient involvement but can be given tips you can use at home to keep your child thriving between sessions.

What is play therapy and how can it help your child and your family as a whole? Read on to learn more about play therapy and ask their pediatrician or mental health specialist about child play therapy and its benefits. 

What play therapy is

As the name implies, play therapy is a type of therapy that encourages activities and play. The goal of play therapy is to provide a fun and stimulating environment so a patient — typically a child — can feel comfortable and better able to express how they feel and communicate more wholly.

For example, a child who cannot fully explain what makes them feel anxious can use toys or artwork to express their emotions via play. A therapist or counselor can view your child's behavior in a session while they play to gently guide them through their sessions.

Can play therapy benefit your child?

Any child, or adult for that matter, can benefit from play therapy. Play therapy takes a session to a new level of trust and comfort, allowing a child to better express how they feel and to also help them feel less intimidated by the therapy process in the first place. When your child has an outlet for their emotions or general feelings of discomfort, or when they have a distraction they can use in a physical, speech, or occupational therapy session, they can have better results and stay focused longer.

You can use play therapy at home with your children to help them communicate more effectively and stay on task. Follow the guidance of your child's primary doctor or therapist and pick up some therapy strategies you can use at home. Your child may benefit from child play therapy if they are non-verbal, younger, or if they are intimated by all types of therapy in general.

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8 September 2022

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