Vestibular Rehabilitation: What You Need To Know


If you feel your head spinning, have feelings of lightheadedness, or are unsteady, you may be suffering from vertigo. These feelings can be debilitating. Vertigo is an inner ear and brain condition that impacts your balance. This part of the body is referred to as the vestibular system. If the inner ear and brain do not work together, you may deal with imbalance, dizziness, headaches, and be more susceptible to falls. Fortunately, you can go to vestibular rehabilitation to treat this issue. Here is what you need to know:

Should You Consider Vestibular Rehabilitation?

If you have ever dealt with vertigo, you can consider rehabilitation to help deal with the issue. Once you are diagnosed with vertigo or vestibular disorder by your doctor, they will refer you to a therapist for rehabilitation. The rehabilitation will help you improve your balance, decrease dizziness, and treat your vertigo.

What Can You Expect During Your Treatment?

Your vestibular rehabilitation treatment will be customized based on your symptoms and needs. Your treatment will help improve your endurance, balance, and gaze stability. This happens as your vestibular system is retrained. This happens as you go through a series of exercises. This may include eye exercises, conditional exercises, balance exercises, habituation training, education on vertigo and the vestibular system, and functional training.

What Habits Can Help Improve Your Vestibular System?

In addition to going through vestibular rehabilitation, you can also take up some habits or stop partaking in other habits to help you heal. Changing your diet can help you overcome vertigo. For example, try to avoid eating too much sodium. Too much salt in your diet can cause water retention in the body. Extra water can impact your fluid balance and pressure. This then interferes with your equilibrium and balance.

If you smoke, consider quitting. Smoking and nicotine in general will constrict your blood vessels and interfere with the vestibular system.

What Outcome Can You Expect from Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Going through vestibular rehabilitation will likely be the only form of treatment you need to deal with your vertigo. It will depend on the severity of your vertigo symptoms. If you have severe symptoms, you may need additional medical treatment using medication or other forms of therapy.

Vertigo can have a major impact on your life every day. If you are suffering from symptoms of vertigo, ask your doctor about vestibular rehabilitation treatment to help you heal.


14 July 2022

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