Key Reasons To Get Prompt Workers Comp Medical Care After An Accident


An on-the-job accident can leave you with significant and painful injuries. Simple rest and relaxation at home may not be enough to heal you. You might need to seek out professional medical treatment for the damages you've suffered.

However, it can be vital that you seek help for your injuries sooner rather than later. You can benefit from getting the workers comp medical treatment you need as soon as possible after your accident.

Easing Pain

One of the main reasons to get prompt workers comp medical care involves easing your pain. Your injuries might have left you in excruciating pain that over-the-counter medications may be unable to relieve. You might require more specialized treatment for relief.

Your workers comp medical provider can determine the extent and location of your damages. Your doctor can also prescribe pain medications that target your discomfort better and provide longer-lasting relief than what you might get from OTC medications or resting in bed at home.

Documenting Damages

Even more, it can be vital for you to get prompt workers comp medical care to document the injuries you suffered in the accident. The physical evidence of the injuries might eventually fade, leaving you with no proof that you were actually hurt at work. You do not want your injuries to heal without them being properly and promptly documented.

The workers comp medical provider you go to can take x-rays and photographs of your injuries. Proof of the damages you suffered can be included in your workers comp medical records so you have evidence on hand as needed.

Acting within the Statute of Limitations

Depending on where you live, you may also need to seek workers comp medical attention within a certain number of days after your accident. You might only have three or four days, if not fewer, to see a doctor about your injuries and get treatment for them.

When you get prompt workers comp medical care, you can act within the statute of limitations that apply to worker injury cases in your state. The workers comp medical attention you receive can be sufficient for making a claim against your employer's insurer and getting compensation for your injuries and pain.

Timely workers comp medical care can be vital after an on-the-job accident. It can relieve the pain from your injuries. It can also document and provide proof of the damages you suffered and let you make a claim within your state's statute of limitations.


26 May 2022

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