Pain Management and Torn Groin Injuries


A torn groin is an injury commonly associated with athletes, but anybody can accidentally strain a muscle and experience the pain that comes with a torn groin. If you have experienced a groin injury, you may turn to pain management solutions to help you through the days of recovery. These are some of the things you need to know about a torn groin injury and how you can receive the pain management tools you need.

17 November 2020

What Do Workplace Drug Testing Services Do?


As an employer, you have the legal right to test employees for illicit drug use. Routine drug testing can give you and your clients peace of mind, ensuring that all of your employees are law-abiding and responsible. If you'd like to institute an employee drug testing program, you'll need to utilize the services of a workplace drug testing company. Here are four things a professional drug testing service can do for you:

23 July 2020

Getting The Most Out Of Ketamine Therapy


If you have been working with your doctor to manage depression for some time, and if standard antidepressants are not working, then your doctor might be recommending ketamine therapy. This treatment is usually administered via IV, and it is not a continuous treatment. Rather, you have one treatment session, and perhaps a follow-up or two if needed. Ketamine can be very effective, but some people seem to get more out of the therapy than others.

23 April 2020