What Do Workplace Drug Testing Services Do?


As an employer, you have the legal right to test employees for illicit drug use. Routine drug testing can give you and your clients peace of mind, ensuring that all of your employees are law-abiding and responsible. If you'd like to institute an employee drug testing program, you'll need to utilize the services of a workplace drug testing company. Here are four things a professional drug testing service can do for you:

1. Maintain compliance with all local and federal laws.

While employee drug testing is allowable, you still need to follow certain laws. For instance, some states require employers to test all employees equally; testing only certain employees can be considered discrimination. Workplace drug testing services are aware of the laws governing the practice, and they will advise you appropriately. You won't have to worry about violating workplace discrimination laws when working with a reputable drug testing clinic.

2. Collect samples from employees.

Biological samples are required for accurate drug testing. Urine is frequently used since it can be collected in a non-invasive manner. Sometimes blood is used instead. A workplace drug testing company will collect samples from your employees in a discreet setting that maintains your employees' personal privacy. They will perform the sample collection themselves, as in the case of blood testing, or watch as your employee delivers the sample. This attention to detail will prevent employees from passing off another person's bodily fluids as their own.

3. Test samples in a qualified lab.

Once biological samples have been collected, they must be processed and tested in a lab. The samples will be stored and transported appropriately, so they won't degrade in transit. One they reach the lab, the collected samples will be tested for the presence of common illicit drugs, such as marijuana and opiates. Once testing has been completed, you'll receive a copy of the results so you can take any disciplinary action necessary against employees using illegal drugs.

4. Protect your employees' confidentiality.

Medical confidentiality is a legal requirement. It's also a matter of safety and courtesy. The workplace drug testing services you choose will protect your employees' privacy from start to finish. You will have access to the results of the drug tests, but they will not be shared with anyone who lacks a legal right to access them. You can rest assured that your employees' private health information is in safe hands. 


23 July 2020

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