Lyme Disease Can Lead To Lyme Arthritis - Here's How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help


Nearly everyone has heard of Lyme disease. It's an infection caused by a bacterium transmitted to a person from the bite of an infected tick. However, many people have not heard of Lyme arthritis. Lyme arthritis is a common sign of a late-stage infection of the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Lyme arthritis typically affects the knees the most out of all joints because knees are load-bearing. 

If you have knee pain and swelling and have or have had Lyme disease, there are treatments available to alleviate the pain and swelling in your knees. Here's how to get some relief. 

Important note: If you haven't had a course of antibiotics yet for Lyme disease, it's important that you get started on one for your overall health. 

Joint pain can persist, even after the bacteria is gone

Bacteria have what is called peptidoglycan, which is a grid of protein and sugars that makes up their cell walls. When bacteria grow and divide, peptidoglycan is recycled by the bacteria. Typically. Researchers have recently found that the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, B. burgdorferi, does not reuse the peptidoglycan it sheds. The peptidoglycan gets left behind and collects, sometimes even after the bacteria has been killed off by antibiotics. The body then produces antibodies to fight the peptidoglycan, which results in swelling and pain. The swelling results in damage to the tissues of the knee. 

Treat Lyme arthritis with stem cell therapy 

Stem cell therapy is a treatment that can regenerate and repair the tissues that are damaged by the inflammation caused by peptidoglycan. Stem cells are human cells that are able to develop into different types of cells. Stem cells have been used effectively to treat various damaged and diseased tissues. Stem cells can be found in various parts of the body, including in bone marrow. In fact, a bone marrow transplant is a stem cell transplant, typically from a donor to the patient. 

For knee pain stem cell therapy, the cells are taken from the patient's body and injected into the knees in an outpatient setting. The cells then divide and duplicate, developing into the type of cells where they were injected into the knees. Typically, more than one treatment of stem cell therapy is necessary to regenerate and repair knees that have been damaged by Lyme arthritis, but you should begin to see some results almost immediately if you follow the recommendations of self-care following each treatment. 


18 December 2019

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