Treatments That Can Help Back Pain


If you have back pain that makes it difficult to work or stay active, then consider seeing a doctor who can help with back pain. Back pain is often a complex condition and unless you get the right treatment, it may take your back a long time to heal. There are several causes of back pain, so there are different ways to treat it. Here are some treatment choices that might be available to you.

Prescription Medication

Medication is often necessary to relieve pain, especially right after an injury. While pain medication might be indicated, there are other types of drugs that can help too. Muscle relaxants help with muscle spasms, which can be very painful and triggered by movement or a deep breath. Anti-inflammatory medication can help sometimes too, and if your pain is bad enough, the doctor might inject the drugs near your spine. The injectable drugs might be a mix of anesthetic for instant pain relief and a strong anti-inflammatory for lasting relief from pain caused by swelling pressing against a nerve.

Physical Therapy Treatments

A physical therapist can apply treatments, such as ultrasound, that help with pain relief. You may also be taught movements and exercises that help with your specific problem. Strengthening your back muscles improves your posture and support for your spine. Stretches help open up your spine and keep you flexible. The right exercises can help you recover from an injury and also help you avoid back pain in the future when it's caused by strain from weak muscles or poor posture.

Corset Or Back Brace

Your doctor may prescribe a corset or back brace to relieve pressure on a disc so you experience less pain. A brace is a stiffer version of a corset, and a corset is soft and flexible. They both support your spine and limit movement of the injured area. You might wear one of these for pain relief or for support while your back surgery heals.

Back Surgery

Back surgery might be an option for correcting the cause of your pain and helping you recover more quickly. Common back surgeries include one that repairs a ruptured disc and one that repairs a fracture due to osteoporosis. Back surgery is usually done when there is structural damage to your spine and other treatments don't help.

When you visit a clinic to have your back examined, the doctor may run various imaging tests to see what's causing your pain. Once that's known, the best treatment can begin. Since you'll respond to treatments, especially medications, in your own unique way, it may take time to get the relief you seek. However, when you start getting proper care, your back can heal, and although that takes time, it's an important step toward eliminating your back pain.


21 December 2018

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