What To Know About Doulas And What They Can Do For You


When you are an expectant parent, you will have many choices and decisions that you will need to make in the process, not the least of which is pregnancy care and a childbirth plan. These two decisions can dramatically alter the course of a pregnancy, making the experience extremely positive or potentially quite negative depending on which route you take. Every expecting couple is different, and therefore, each couple's pregnancy and childbirth care and plans should be unique to them. One of the many options available to you through this process is a doula. Learn more about doulas and what they can do for you through your journey towards becoming a new parent. Then, you can decide if working with a doula is the right choice for you. 

What Is a Doula? 

Doulas are essentially child birth experts. They work with expectant families during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Some people refer to doulas as childbirth coaches, but the scope of the services that they provide is much more extensive than just coaching. Doulas, while highly trained, are not usually medical experts (though some may have a nursing background). Because of this, it is important to keep in mind that a doula is not a replacement for an ob/gyn or nurse practitioner during pregnancy. You should still plan to seek out at least some medical care to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. 

What Can Doulas Do for You?

There are many ways that doulas can provide you with support and care throughout the process of bringing a child into the world. 

Doulas Can Help Answer Your Random Pregnancy Questions

One of the many benefits of working with a doula is that they are very knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth. Because of this, they can act as a resource for you when you have questions. Sometimes, you may feel as if you cannot ask your doctor certain pregnancy questions because of embarrassment, time constraints, or simply not wanting to bother them. A doula is there to assist you in the childbirth process. As such, you can feel free to call them and ask them any of the random pregnancy and childbirth questions you may have. 

Doulas Can Help You Create a Birth Plan

A birth plan is a directive that you will have when you go into labor. The plan dictates what type of care you want to receive, the way you want to give birth, and any emergency contingencies that you want to put into place. A lot of thought and care needs to go into your birth plan so that it suits your family and protects everyone's well-being. 

Doulas can help to create a birth plan that is right for you. They will talk to you about the kind of birthing experience you want to have as well as discuss any medical issues and potential complications you may have. Then, you will draft a birth plan together. For example, you may want to have a water birth, but you have medical issues like gestational diabetes or other conditions that can make the birth complicated. As such, rather than doing a home water birth, your plan may involve a water birth at a hospital birthing center with the backup option of an emergency C-section. 

Doulas Can Help You During Childbirth

During childbirth, your doula will be by your side. They will be there to encourage you and coach you on your breathing and other techniques to use. And they will also be there to act as an advocate for you. You may be too tired to argue with a doctor about your birth plan and what you want from the process, for example. This could lead you to getting talked into care you do not want or necessarily need. Your doula can step in at this point and help you advocate for what you want from the birth. They are an additional support to have during childbirth and will work to make the experience as positive as possible. 

Knowing these facts about doulas, you can better determine if hiring one is right for you. Look into doula program services to learn more.


2 October 2018

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