What You Need To Do To Get Ready For A Colonoscopy


If you anticipate your doctor will order a colonoscopy at your next checkup, you may be worried about the preparation phase. You've probably heard stories about how cleaning out your colon is worse than going through the actual test. Knowing what to expect in advance may calm your fears, so here is a look at how you prep for a colonoscopy.

Eliminate Solid Foods For A Day Or Two

One thing to know is that your doctor will provide you with all the information you need to get ready for the colonoscopy, and it is very important that you follow them. Your doctor's instructions may be different from the instructions given to a friend, although everyone follows the same general routine. For instance, you'll need to eliminate solid foods and drink clear liquids for a day or two before you have the procedure. This might be difficult, but it makes it much easier to clean out your colon if you're on a liquid diet. You can have a variety of liquids such as soda, coffee, water, tea, and broth. You can consume as much as you want up until you go to bed the night before the procedure. From that point, you'll probably need to fast until the colonoscopy is over.

It's important to talk to your doctor about all the medications you take on a daily basis since changing your diet might affect how the medications work in your body. Also, it might be necessary to hold off on certain medications until after the procedure is over. In addition, you'll want your doctor's advice on how to deal with medications that are normally taken with food.

Clean Out Your Colon

It's true that you need to take laxatives or enemas before you have a colonoscopy. This is necessary so the doctor can see the lining of your colon. If you don't do a good job of clearing out your colon, the test may be canceled. Then you'll have to go through the procedure all over again. Your doctor will advise you on the best way to clean your colon. You might take a pill laxative or a bottled liquid solution. The liquid has a reputation for tasting bad, but it is important to take the entire dose as directed. You'll probably experience stomach cramps and have several bouts of diarrhea as your colon clears itself out.

Your doctor might also recommend an enema along with the laxative or in place of it. You can buy the supplies at a drug store and use them at home. The enema contains water that helps wash out your colon to improve visibility during the examination.

By altering your diet and taking a laxative, your colon should be clean on the day of your procedure. You shouldn't be worried or anxious about having a colonoscopy. You'll receive medication that relieves discomfort and helps you relax. This can be given in pill form or through an IV. You won't be put to sleep, but you may be so relaxed that you doze through the procedure. All things considered, the discomfort you endure to get ready for a colonoscopy is worth it considering how valuable this test is in detecting early colon cancer. A colonoscopy makes it possible to find cancer in the very early stages when it is easy to treat, so the test could save your life. 

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28 February 2017

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