Cryocare Facials: What To Expect When You Purchase Your Treatments


Cryocare is an abbreviation of cryogenic healthcare. Using cryogenics in healthcare is fairly new, but using it as a beauty treatment is newer still.  A cryocare facial, for example, is the latest trend in literally freezing the march of time on your face. If the idea of fillers and botox in your face makes you queasy, you might want to try a cryocare facial instead (no needles!). You can buy treatments individually, or in odd-numbered packs. If you do buy several treatments at once, here is what you can expect at each treatment.

Stinging Cold Vapor

The cryo-vaporizer vaporizes a block of dry ice. There is a tube through which this vapor travels and is expelled at the end of an application wand. When the vapor hits your face, it is very cold, and may sting a little (sort of like walking outside in subzero temperatures) but only briefly. Since most treatments rarely go over five minutes and the vapor does not rest on any one part of your face for more than a few seconds at a time, you will not even notice the cold for very long.

Super-Tight Sensation in Your Skin

When the vapor is aimed at the top of your head, the skin on your scalp reacts by drawing the flesh on your face upward. It is akin to a face lift procedure, except that it is completely non-invasive and no cutting or stitches are required. When the vapor is used to target large pores, the pores pull themselves closed to keep heat from escaping, making your pores very tiny and your face feel tight in those areas. More concentrated wrinkles are addressed directly with the vapor, to get the muscles underneath to react and pull upward. All in all, your face will feel very taut indeed.

Treatments That Last for Several Weeks

Depending on the current condition of your skin, the size of your pores, the circulation in your face and scalp and the depth of your wrinkles, effects can last anywhere from three to five weeks. (If you have already had fillers or botox injected into your face, you have to wait a few weeks to get your first treatment as freezing these fillers or botox could cause the fillers to break up in lumps or change the molecular structure of the botox.) Time between treatments should not be less than five weeks, but if you are trying to to look really great for a class reunion or other major life event, your cryo-aesthetician might be able to squeeze them closer together (e.g., one treatment every three-and-a-half to four weeks). 


5 January 2017

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