Robotic Assisted Partial Replacement Knee Surgery Benefits Arthritic Patients


The pain of walking on arthritic knees can be intense and cause big problems with mobility. If your orthopedic surgeon has recommended surgery for your arthritic knees, he or she may recommend robotic assisted surgery. As modern technology helps to advance orthopedic medicine, today's surgeons have the option to provide surgical techniques that promote greater mobility and faster recovery time. Learn more about how you can benefit from robotic assisted partial replacement knee surgery.

Robotics Makes It Easier For Partial Knee Replacement

Many people suffer with osteoarthritis in one part of their knee. With robotic surgery, your surgeon will be able to remove the damaged bone and replace it with metal and plastic in a more precise manner. Bear in mind the robotic arm does not perform the surgery on its own. Your surgeon will still be using it, only getting a closer cut for the removal of diseased bone and tissue. Robotics allows more precision cutting of cartilage as well. When it comes to partial replacements, robotics allows your surgeon to position the prosthetic in a more precise manner, making your options for partial procedures greater. In cases involving only parts of the knee being impacted by osteoarthritis, robotics is making headway for providing partial replacements instead of total knee replacement, saving healthy bone and tissue instead of removing it to make room for unnecessary prosthetic pieces.

Partial Knee Replacement Gives Patients A More Natural Feeling

If only part of your knee is affected by arthritis, it only makes sense to replace that part. However, in the past, traditional knee replacement procedures did not allow for the precision that can be done with robotics. With a total knee replacement, patients may have less of a natural range of motion. With a partial knee replacement, you have the natural bone and tissue remaining that was not impacted by arthritis, so you have a more natural feeling and greater range of motion. Thanks to robotic medical technology, more patients are able to have partial replacements when there is still healthy bone and tissue.

Faster Recovery Time Is A Great Benefit

Because robotics is less invasive, patients are able to experience surgery with smaller incisions. Because only one part of the knee is replaced, there is less to heal. You will be able to go back to your normal activities in less time than you would if you had a total knee replacement.

Living with the pain of arthritis is hard, especially when it hurts worse with each step you take. If you are ready to get back to life without the painful interference of arthritis, talk to a health care provider or a medical facility like Noyes Knee Institute about your options for partial knee replacement.


15 July 2016

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