Happier Pregnancies: The Psychological Effects Of A Sonogram


Sonograms have been used for decades to help determine the health of the fetus. In recent years, its use has become more routine. In fact, 2014 figures show that the average number of sonograms for women was 5.2 per pregnancy. Although the medical need for that many ultrasounds has been called into question, other benefits of the practice are clear. Sonograms psychologically help mothers and their families.

Lessens Anxiety

Women naturally worry about the health of their unborn children. The most obvious psychological benefit of sonograms is that they put many of these fears at rest. Although this procedure alone doesn't prove that the baby is 100% healthy, it does eliminate some worries about the fetal heartbeat, abnormal development, amniotic fluid levels, and uterine problems. 

Promotes Bonding

Mothers have bonded with their children for centuries without seeing sonogram pictures, but bonding is strengthened by the process. In fact, dozens of studies have been done exploring this very topic. Simply being able to see your child's face and know the gender helps jumpstart the bonding process. In addition to being beneficial to the mother, sonograms help fathers bond as well. In their own study, fathers reported that a sonogram made the experience real for them. They could envision taking their son or daughter to the park or their first day of school. As a result, they also felt more included in the pregnancy and may also have become more supportive of their partners.


Sonograms are not foolproof when it comes to predicting gender, but they are highly accurate. At twenty weeks, the sonogram should be right approximately 90% of the time. Since gender differences are often celebrated by parents, knowing the gender before birth helps simplify preparation for the birth. You can buy clothing for the child, prepare the nursery, and even name the baby. All of these measures make the baby a tangible part of the family before they even make their entrance into the world. It also helps the family make psychological room for the infant in the months leading up to the birth.

Physicians caution parents not to have sonograms solely for the pictures, a service that is available at "sonogram" studios. There can be some physical risks involved with having too many of these procedures. However, the routine sonograms your doctor performs during your pregnancy can benefit you and your family psychologically as well as protect your infant physically. 


29 June 2016

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