Vaginal Rejuvenation: Three Procedures That Can Be Done In Health Care Clinics


As a woman, and as a mother, you may feel as though your best sexual years are behind you. Childbirth has stretched out your bottom and your vagina, and you feel less attractive. While many women might opt for plastic surgery on their faces or bodies, you could instead opt for vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal rejuvenation is like plastic surgery for your vagina; it turns back the clock to the time before kids and peeing when you laugh. If you are confident enough in your looks, but worry about how your partners view you "down there," then maybe one of the following vaginal rejuvenation procedures performed in a clinic can help you feel younger and sexier.


This latest procedure is the least invasive and usually the least painful of the three. A vaginal wand similar to the ones used during a transvaginal ultrasound is inserted into your vagina. The wand delivers micro-waves of heat, enough to cause your vagina to shrink and tighten. Thermiva may require one or a couple of treatments, depending on what you and your doctor determine is the right number of treatments to alter the appearance and tightness of your vagina.

Stitches (Vaginal "Corset")

If you had an episiotomy while giving birth, then your OB/GYN stitched the episiotomy back up again. However, the episiotomy stitches only seal up the cut the doctor made to get the baby out; they do not tighten up the vagina. During a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, your OB will first relax and dilate your vagina just a little bit, then place stitches in your vagina, from just below the cervix to the opening and along the back wall of your vagina. Crossing over several millimeters of vagina, the stitches pull one side of the vaginal wall closer to the opposite side. The result is a looped channel of tissue behind the stitches, but as the stitches help your vaginal walls adhere to each other, you will not even feel or notice this extra tissue during sex.

Cutting and Removing Loose Tissue

The most invasive, and perhaps the most painful of the three procedures listed here, is the cutting (ablation) and removal of loose vaginal tissue. (Your doctor may also remove loose labial tissue and make your labia smaller in the process.) Your doctor will have you lay on an exam table with your feet in the stirrups, numb up your bottom will a local anesthetic, and then dilate your vagina just enough to reach in and pinch some vaginal tissue from the rear wall of your vagina. This tissue that is pinched between fingers or a clamp is then cut out, and your vagina is sewn up neatly so that the edges of the missing tissue meet neatly in the middle. The recovery period for this procedure is much longer, but the results are permanent.


22 April 2016

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