Getting A DOT Exam For Your Truck Driving Job: What To Expect


Many companies require their drivers to get a DOT exam prior to employment or continuation of employment. This is especially true for drivers who are responsible for driving around the public, such as those who drive charter buses or city transit buses for a living. This exam is designed to ensure that you are in peak physical form to drive safely down the road with a large cargo and helps reduce the liability of all employees for the companies they work for. If you have never received a DOT exam before, here is what you can expect from your visit, including where you can find a DOT examiner, what to bring with you, and what your exam will entail. 

Where you can find a DOT examiner

Only qualified individuals who are certified as a DOT Certified Medical Examiner can perform this type of exam for individuals who need one for their employment. Doctors, chiropractors, doctor assistants, and other medical professionals can acquire this certification. Since this is a common exam ordered by many industries across the nation, you should not have difficulty in finding someone who can give this exam to you. Your local health care clinic likely has someone on their staff who can give you a DOT exam. If not, they can refer you to a medical clinic that does have someone with these requirements on staff in your area.

What to bring with you

For your exam, you will need to bring with you a list of any medications you are currently taking, as well as any doctor's reports that are related to any previous or current injuries. You will also need to arrive several minutes prior to your appointment so you can fill out your detailed portion of the Medical Examination Report. You can print an online version of the form to have completed in advance to help speed up your scheduled appointment.

What your DOT exam will entail

Your DOT medical examiner will want to get a thorough background of your medical history, much of which you will have provided in your Medical Examination Report. You will also receive a physical examination to ensure your current health. Be prepared to take a urine test as part of your exam to rule out any illegal substances in your body that may have a negative effect on your results. Your DOT medical examiner will fill out their portion of the Medical Examination Report based on their findings.

A DOT exam is a standard medical procedure many drivers need to gain or retain employment. Once you have passed your exam, you should be able to continue employment without issue.  


20 April 2016

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